Ready-Made Brushbot Kits

Don’t want to scour the dollar stores (or your kitchen!) to find parts for making a brushbot? Try these quick-and-easy kits, which come with all the parts.

  • 4M Brush Robot (Amazon). Includes a nice brush (looks like one for shoe polishing), a heavy-duty vibrator motor, battery holder, and even a pen so your bot can draw squiggly lines as it stutters along.
  • Brushbot Kit 5 Pack (EasyBotics). This kit includes everything you need to build five toothbrush-style brushbots except for the AAA battery.
  • eBay brushbot/bristlebot kits. There’s plenty of brush-based bots to choose from on eBay. If you’re looking for a quantity of parts — for a Scout group or classroom, for example — this is the place. As usual, check out the seller’s reputation before ordering.